Gamification Tactics for Marketers

The Top 7 Games Marketing Campaigns In The World

7 gamification strategies that worked – and what made them so effective As the parent of any small child could tell you, turning an activity into a game is a great way to get them to participate in it. For example, parents might pretend that a fork is an aeroplane to get a child to eat, or they might use a song to get them to clean up. This strategy is called gamification, and it’s [...]

Chinas WeChat And How 2 Million Plays Per Day Suggest Games Work

China’s tech giant poised to take over America The online game industry has witnessed tremendous innovative improvement from 2 dimensional games to cooler AI integrated games that are sleek and more suitable for the younger generation. Although, not without challenges and setbacks, China is one of the countries with massive results in the online gaming industry. TENCENT, China’s tech giant, the creators of the most successful online game Honor of Glory are about to make [...]

Gaming Takes Native Advertising To The Next Level

Gone are the days of one-sided advertising. Today, consumers are willing to give you feedback on their preferences and feelings toward your brand. But they won’t give it up too easily. To start building the open exchange of information between brand and consumer, you’re going to have to play a little game. It used to be a matter of tricking your audience into not knowing the difference between native advertising and their normal content. But [...]

The Subtle Art Of Game Localization

Prefer to listen? Click the play button below to listen to the audio version of this article. As a marketer you need to first know your target audience and want action you want them to take. Do you want basic user engagement? Positive connections to the brand? Brand education? Social sharing or voucher redemption? Do you want it to be a local game or do you want to have a global reach? Global marketing obviously maximises revenue but if you decide to reach a global market you need to know a couple of things. Things I learnt the hard way. These lessons cost me a lot and I hope they will save you time and money if [...]